2007 Jeep Compass Review

Date Posted: August 31,2008


2007 Jeep Compass  AWDI owned a 2007 Jeep Compass for two years and this is my review based my Compass. Initally when I went car shopping in August 2006 I was interested in buying the Dodge Caliber R/T AWD. As a side note if I had known the Jeep Patriot was coming out soon I may have waited for it instead.

My inital thoughts were "This thing is ugly!". My second impression was "Wow, you get a lot for the money". This car-based SUV offers a lot for it's price. What I liked about the Jeep Compass over the Dodge Caliber R/T was the 4WD lock mode and the higher height (body height and interior height). It's a little bigger inside so it offers more cargo space.

The Compass as I've mentioned is a great value. Whether you want a FWD or AWD model they're both priced well and come loaded with plenty of standard features like fog lights and 17" aluminum wheels.

The Compass handles quite well. The engine's 174 horsepower are more than adequate for this vehicle, it was fast enough for me. With that said, I felt that the CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission) seemed to suck some of the engine's power, maybe too much. Other Compass owners with the manual transmission have even called the Compass sporty. The suspension was just fine, although for some odd reason I had to have two tie-rod ends replaced under warranty at the 18,000 mile mark. As well, the front end developed a squeak that the dealer had to fix a few times.




The Jeep Compass is a great choice if you're in the market for a well-equipped, well-priced crossover SUV. It's rated to get 30+ mpg so it's probably the most fuel efficient Jeep ever. I think Jeep has a winner on it's hands.

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