2006 Toyota Solara V6 SE Review

Date Posted: August 2,2006


2006 Toyota Solara V6 SEI had the opportunity to drive the new 2006 Toyota Solara today. A friend had it as a loaner car and so I got to spend some time behind the wheel, and in the passengers seat. This was a beautiful, stylish black car.

My inital thoughts were "Wow, this is a BIG car". My second impression was "Did it start?". This car is so unbelievably quiet, I almost re-started the car. I looked down at the tachometer and sure enough, it was running.

On the road, this car handles the straight road with total confidence. On one freeway on-ramp, I was going a little too fast and had to cut my speed down a bit. When entering the freeway, I put the pedal down and held it there. The 3.3L V6 engine didn't roar and make a fuss, it just propelled the car like it should. The car wasn't quite the rocket I was expecting, but that's no big deal. This car is fast enough for how most people would drive. This isn't a race car.




The Toyota Solara V6 SE is a great choice if you're in the market for an upscale touring coupe. It would be nice to have the torque of a V8 under the hood, but the car moves just fine without it. The mileage for this size of car is phenomenal. It is a great buy if you're shopping in this car class. I have never owned a Toyota, but if I had $34,000 CDN to spare, this would be in my garage.

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